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As of September 2011, Google has discontinued the Google Desktop product. TweakGDS is no longer supported or updated.

Advanced Settings for Google Desktop Search

TweakGDS allows you to change advanced, undocumented settings for Google Desktop Search, without having to dig around in the system registry yourself.

You can:

For a screenshot, please click here.

You must have Google Desktop installed on your computer for this to work properly!

Help file for TweakGDS is available here.

Download the TweakGDS installer here.


Please note we are not affiliated with Google in any way. You need to have Google Desktop Search installed on your computer for this to work. Get Google Desktop Search here. Using this software means you are subject to all of the terms and conditions that Google requires, which you can find out more about on their site. If you have ideas about how we can make the software better, feel free to email support.