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Welcome to PodSync.com

We've written a few software programs to help maximize your iPod use - please check out this great free software. We also have a variety of other content such as iPod tips and hacks, top ten lists, and more.

We've even started posting additional useful utilities to enhance the Windows experience in general - such as Google Desktop Extreme.


PodSync is free software for Windows that makes it easy to sync files between your computer and iPod. PodSync simplifies this process by providing a single window where you can drag and drop files to the appropriate categories (files, calendars, contacts, notes), and next time your iPod is connected the new files will automatically be copied to your iPod. There's no need to search around through iPod's directories to find where you want to put everything, PodSync does it for you.

See the PodSync features page for a list of everything you can do with PodSync.


PodNote is a small utility that splits text files into pieces that are small enough to be read by iPod's Note Reader. iPod has a note-length limit of 4kb, but PodNote will quickly convert your longer files into a set of hyper-linked notes that work with iPod.

See the PodNote features page for a list of everything you can do with PodNote.

You can go straight to the downloads page from here.